In March of twenty twenty, this world and its happenings got me excited.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

In March of twenty twenty, this world and its happenings got me excited.

Life became different.

It felt like Thanos snapped his fingers wearing 4 stones.

Streets became empty. People stuck in homes.

No life on earth existed that has witnessed a pandemic of this scale before.

I became curious.

How would the world react to it?

What would governments do?

How would the economy shift?

What would be the end game?

I was looking forward to the stories this pandemic will create.

The legends people will tell.

The movies we shall see.

I became super excited about and secretly wished that this pandemic changes things forever. The prospect of seeing a new New World Order made me excited.

People discussed that we will do xyz when the pandemic ends assuming it would go in a few months or summer or rains and whatnot!

Me, being me, as always, a harbinger of the bad news, told everyone it will take ~2 years to go approximately. They ridiculed me. I wasn't right either. This thing is serious and will take longer and I love it.

People pray to God, to take away the pandemic and relieve the suffering, and I see this as God's answer to a lot of prayers people have prayed for. God works in mysterious ways.

This is a necessary break.
Break for people. Break for earth. Break for the system. Break of the governments.
To realign. To rethink. To reprioritize. To see. To feel.

...and we humans did it. We did survive it.
We reprioritized. We realigned. We envisioned the future. We felt the pulse of humanity on a large scale.

I love humans. I hate humans. This is a love/hate relationship. Strongest of all!

For me, 2020 was the longest year, I have spent. These 365 days felt like 760 at least.

Lots of happenings for me.

Here are things that happened to me in 2020.

  • A new job.
  • Worked on multiple personal projects.
  • Worked from room.
  • Worked from terrace.
  • Worked from coffee shop.
  • Worked from the park.
  • Worked from car.
  • Worked from washroom. (This is not new)
  • Witnessed my city completely still.
  • Witnessed clear/blue skies.
  • Created more art.
  • Made a dream world in Minecraft.
  • Entire year without playing DOTA 2.
  • Travelled 8 different cities.
  • An important friend got married.
  • Another important friend got married.
  • Another important friend got engaged.
  • Another friend got married.
  • Another friend got married.
  • I got married.
  • Thought a lot. (This is not new but the dimensions were new)
  • ...and much more.

This was happening. All of the above is ~365 days. The way it makes it 760 is that every experience was different. It was living with a constant threat of a virus.

I see that economies are shifting. The first and second world is shooting themselves in foot. The third world is rising. I like change. It keeps me interested in this pointless world. Change is dopamine. It gives you a kick and it's still pointless.

I am too late to review 2020. But it's never too late and I don't care either!

Take care reader!