All the products I have attempted

These are all the products I have attempted so far. All of these are/were failures.

12. Wybom - 2022

An app to get people to bet on you.

11. Bulk Background Remover - 2022

An online tool to remove background from images in bulk.

10. Passport photo maker - 2022

An online tool to make passport photos easily. It removes the background, makes it white, and sets the aspect ratio according to the given country's requirements.

9. Auto Jump Cutter - 2022

Auto jump cutter to automatically remove silence from videos making them quick & interesting.

8. Image Compressor - 2022

An online image compression tool.

7. awktr - 2021

A platform for personal growth.

6. Bulk Image Crop - 2021

An online tool to crop images in bulk.

5. Jigsaw Puzzles Empire - 2017

A jigsaw puzzle game. Attempted in 2017.

4. Perfumer of the Naranville - 2017

A story of a perfumer who shapes the destiny of Naranville using his perfumes.

3. BladeFury - 2017

A realistic sword fighting game.

2. The Evil With Inn - 2016

A story of a hitman who does serial killings in an Inn.

1. ArcElf - 2016

A tower defense game.