Just the RPG

The whole idea of game design is a simulation of life of an ordinary folk in an epic medieval tale.

Just the RPG
Photo by Anna Gru / Unsplash

I got to know about Kingdom Come: Deliverance since 2014. I was immediately fascinated by the unfascinating take on RPG. No magic, no dungeons, no witchcraft. Bring it on for sure!

The whole idea of game design is a simulation of life of an ordinary folk in an epic medieval tale.

Best thing is that Henry, the protagonist is very much human. Can't do much more than you or I can do. Game starts and Henry is supposed to run some errands of an ordinary medieval life. To my surprise, running errands was never so much fun. From the very beginning game puts you in a very challenging and open ended problem.

Henry is supposed to get some money from a townsman and buy nails and charcoal for his blacksmith father. Henry gathers all his tavern friends and beat-up the person but still you don't have enough money for nails.

Now you are not shown anyway to earn money and continue game. You are on your own. I went near charcoal bags and had an option to "Rob" but I didn't dare since patrolmen were marching everywhere and there was no way I could get away with. Given how naïve and noob our protagonist looked like.

After much thought what I did was to go to my home found some cheese and other edibles. Sold them to buy nails and charcoal. EZ :)

One of the errand for same day was to bring ale for father on way back and to bring it cool and fresh. The best thing is that this instruction was not just a figure of speech or something. I was at tavern to meet friends so I thought let's get ale while I am at tavern. But after all cheese thieving and purchasing charcoal the ale was not fresh anymore and Henry's father actually refused to accept it. I had to bring another one for which I had to steal even more food.

This day ends in a brutal attack by a huge army on Skalitz, Henry's hometown. In an epic sequence, Henry's parents are killed and he is forced to flee Skaltiz.

Another great thing about this game is sense of time. Day's and nights have never been this much important in any other game. All activities stop in night. You can't carry on with missions most of the time. No shops, no trade, training or anything legit happens in night. What I do is walk in noble clothes in the day and pick trunk locks in the night. My way of grinding was to steal stuff from one town and sell in another one to avoid suspicion since Miller's(Black market) give awful rate.

Game is full of bugs but you can easily get past them since there is a lot more to this game. Graphics are average. Landscapes, terrain and architecture has a realistic look and feel, void of artistic and fantastic elements.

Story is good but quests start becoming repetitive.

Is it worth a shot? Most definitely yes!

If you play, tell me about your first encounter with a dog!