Its 1:00 AM...

and I've got no time for this post.

Its 1:00 AM...
Photo by Wade Lambert / Unsplash

and I've got no time for this post.

Still I find it mandatory to post because... been long, no see...

Since last post I have been working on landscape. It took a lot of time. I was confused in deciding the resolution of landscape mesh. Tried many option and for now I am sticking with what it was.

Which is pretty low i.e. 2 vertices per meter.

Since landscape is also vertex painted, so texture appears very "pixelated" because of low resolution. I think I will fill the landscape with foliage and trees and then see, how does it look.
If it looks ugly, I will change resolution.

To show you guys I have some screenshots up my hard disk :)

Texture tiling is fixed. I hate this snow :D

I think grass and dirt looks fine. Need to something about snow. Snow fade looks like an undercut from a clumsy barber.

Until I purchase SpeedTree, I started working on models a little bit.
Just added glass panes in windows.

Glass panes

Finally I like this rock texture up close.

Rock Rocking Moss!

Yes, not much progress here. But I am happy I am finally over it. I think real life landscaping is easier than this one.

Its 1:08 AM.