First lecture on elementary physics!

On the bigger picture, think ahead of time. At least think about pushing for ideas that would make sense 50 or 100 years from now. Pushing century-old ideas will give them dangerous inertia.

First lecture on elementary physics!
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Imagine a solid block of rock and name it as "Cliver" (I just conjured this fantastical name, no need to lookup. I didn't...)

After ~1000 years cliver will be very different due to various factors such as air, water, weather, gravity, etc and etc.

Even if we isolate the system and it exists on earth, I believe, mere gravity will alter our cliver's molecules in many ways. It might take longer. Million years? Billion years? but definitely the random motion of atoms inside a rock will amount to some "deterioration" from original shape.

Let's remove the gravity as well. What about magnetic waves? There might be other forces we still haven't discovered.

Cliver (our rock) as a whole being, exists. But there is some disorder and randomness within itself which makes it constantly morphing away from being "Cliver".

When it is completely morphed, we won't call it cliver anymore.

Let's introduce second character to the story.
I will name it, "Humar" (3 puns intended here. Let me know in comments if you get all of them, I will give them away in the writing anyways).

Now humar is a funny being (grin).
For him, cliver is a non-living. Humar is living breathing being with a free will. Now in our tiny minimalistic universe we have very few props.

  1. A flat earth :)
  2. Clivers
  3. A Humar

Let's consider our earth to be very boring and flat :) which only have clivers. No beautiful beaches, grasslands, mountains, desserts or forests. It's just an earth with lots of clivers and a humar.

Since our humar has a free will, he got bored of such minimalistic world. Like a bored kid, sitting at a beach playing with pebbles, humar thought to build something using clivers.

He picks a cliver and start stacking one on top of each other to create various formations. Each time a cliver is compressed under a weight of another cliver, the pressure/disorder increases, leading to faster deterioration.

Humar, at first is very happy about how he is shaping the universe and putting a dent in it.
Rising from flat earth to unparalleled heights.

As time passes, cliver's deterioration threatens the foundations of humar's masterpiece and that worries him. Slowly and steadily everything seems to be falling apart and humar can see that happening. Kinda sad...

Before the structure is completely destroyed, humar dies while pondering about how on earth he spent his life on such worthless pursuit.
Humar died to same disorder that clivers were suffering. Humar's deterioration was even faster than clivers.

Let's call this useless disorder within the system as entropy!

Try to meditate on this concept for a while and relate to every aspect of your life.

Entropy is the single most important universal truth that humars need to understand.

If you build a beautiful concept always keep the end in mind.

Taller stack results in greater pressure and even greater disaster.
End would always be an anti-concept. Exactly on the other side of pendulum. The stronger the concept is, greater the inertia and the wilder the sway will be.
Following generation of that humar will be afraid to build at all and the third generation will again start building. You see the loop? the entropy? the movement away from stability?

Philosophers and writers have moved world with logic, theories and movements. The founders of ideas and concepts are the people ahead of their time. They give a concept and the people fight for it and a typical bell curves kicks in.
Same law of diminishing returns.
Initially the resistance is high but enough force brings it to a state where the impact is highest. After that, the push should be stopped because from there the returns are diminishing and focus should be shifted to some other idea. Otherwise people will end up neglecting some other aspect (Law of conservation). In fact the proponent of the idea, after some point, should work against the sway of the pendulum so it doesn't swing to the other extreme.

Many ideas are born and people see great benefits out of it. But an idea can only be polished to a certain point, beyond which more sanding will not result in shinier idea but we will just rub away the idea altogether.

Of course the idea will die eventually, but why hasten the process. Let's focus our energies on something else.

One of the similar issue is gender equality. It was an issue when women couldn't breathe, couldn't vote, couldn't inherit and were abused etc.

Nobler humans fought for the idea and the world is better place now in that regard. Now both genders suffer almost equally which is fine. Suffering should stay. The venn diagram of problems of both gender overlaps at about halfway. It won't be ideal to make both/all genders share exactly the same problems. That will be unfair and unnatural. Since long it's time to stop sanding this idea further or it will kickback. Now we have a free world. Now we are at peak of bell curve. I hope I am making sense without going into tiny details.

Pendulum has already started swinging in the other way. Where men's right activists are rising. It shouldn't happen, either. Because right now balance is at finer point of bell curve. Let's not hasten the entropy.

We have moved from extreme inequality to a beautiful polarity. Let's keep it there. Let's stay at top of the curve. Although we have already started our ride downwards but we can still do disaster management. Situation isn't that bad.

Let things take their natural course on the grander scheme of things.

On the regular day-to-day life, of course, tolerate no abuse to anyone.

In our tiny world of humars, other than entropy there is another concept called plasticity of humar's brain.

It's one the most important concepts which keeps even the most compassionate humars from understanding the other.
It prevents the humar race from progressing too much (you might not get this statement of intuitive leap of faith, topic is out of scope of this course).

Plasticity of brain, if simply put, is that humar's brain is like plastic and it can morph into different shapes.

Humar A might think one way and try to change the course of events because he thinks that way. He might think that Humar B is an idiot not to think the way he does.

Where, in fact, other humar's brains might be wired entirely differently and they don't even care about the ideas of our revolutionary humar A.

Humar A, might believe that humar B is in trouble. While humar B might be at complete peace.

If humar A is influential or pushy enough, he might actually take humar B out of his peace and put him on a same uneasy road that humar A is staggering on.

On a day-to-day basis, I would recommend to stick to highest standards of morality and human decency.

On the bigger picture, think ahead of times. At least think about pushing for ideas that would make sense 50, 100 years from now. Pushing century old ideas will give them dangerous inertia.

First lecture on elementary physics is over.

If you have any questions, consider it your homework.

Until next time...