Strong intuition is a superpower and a curse at the same time.

Photo by Radek Grzybowski / Unsplash

Strong intuition is a superpower and a curse at the same time.

Many times it happens that people share an opinion that I don't buy into. I, sometimes, speak up against it and rather strongly. The immediate reaction I get is a follow-up question about why I think so. Then my mind goes blank.

To give supporting arguments, I don't have stories to tell, logic to share, or a thought process to explain. This is what strong intuition does. It makes you believe and buy into something consciously while keeping all the supporting documents in the subconscious. To present all the supporting arguments, an intuit has to put an effort and dive into his own mind and surface some evidence. It works but takes time and is usually not feasible in a real-time conversation. You will see intuits take long pauses in a conversation.

This state of mind going blank has made me keep my opinions to myself because my brain has failed me on numerous occasions. I can present evidence for ideas that I have already replayed in my mind.

The good thing about it is that the intuitive thought is mostly correct. How it works is that when a piece of information goes into the brain, the subconscious will keep thinking about it and bounce the idea against all of the existing knowledge base. It can be done consciously through introspection but for an intuit it is pretty much a program on autopilot that can't be stopped.

To learn a new idea, all an intuit needs to do is to absorb some amount of information and the brain will create insights and intuitive leaps. Such insights are surprisingly original and sometimes eureka-inducing.

If you are an intuitive type, these points are important.

  • That you just need to feed the brain with the information and a combination of introspection and subconscious will create insights.
  • You need to understand when and why your mind goes blank about something you are strongly convinced.
  • That people will expect more than aphoristic statements when in debate. An intuit has to be prepared for that.
  • That you should trust your intuition but always fill up the void of missing evidence. It will help you understand yourself and your thought process better.