City of Stars!

I returned home from work earlier tonight. Which is 2:20 AM...

City of Stars!
Photo by Finn / Unsplash

I returned home from work earlier tonight. Which is 2:20 AM.

I was feeling a bit hungry. I checked fridge for some quick snacks. Didn't find any.

Then I thought, let's not eat at this time. Gotta sleep too.

So, before settling in my home workspace again, I brush my teeth and apply a perfume gifted by a friend 2 years ago on my birthday.

I briefly go over to-do list and it's still piles of work. Today I didn't feel that low and I am ready to get started.


My stomach is growling and the tasks at hand are difficult.

Gotta eat.

I muster up all the courage and decide to make bread myself. Yeah. I was that hungry.

I go to refrigerator only to find out that there is no pre-made dough. "No way I am not gonna do that now."

I pick up phone and call a pizza delivery guy. He delivers pizzas till morning and for long his pizzas have been silencing my growling stomach at 4 o'clock in the morning.

"Hi, this is London Melt!"

"I would like to order a small pizza!"


"[I give my address]"

"Sir, Sure but it will take time"

"How long?"

"1 hour"


"Yeah, delivery guy has gone delivering a few orders"

"But I would be dead by then"

"I am sorry. If you can take away, it will be ready in 15 minutes"

"I am coming"

He wasn't too worried about me dying.

I start a kilometer long walk.

Moon of 16th night is lighting empty, peaceful streets. I find one security guard patrolling and he must be wondering, "What on earth is this guy doing at this time". Regardless, he greets me and I return the greetings.

It was a good walk.

I came to take away but I was too hungry to walk all the way back with freshly tossed pizza.

It's a bit warm these days. When I reach the Pizza joint, I had just broke sweat. Outsides are still cooler.

So I tell the shop owner, I can't sit inside and if he could serve me outside.

... and add a bucket of fries too.

... and  add a bottle of coke as well.

This walk made me hungrier.

Poor guy didn't have proper seating outside. I found one dusty table and a chair. I am sitting in the middle of night on a road side and everything is so shut, silenced and static.

Kinda tranquil.

It is a nice break from routine. I like it.

The experience is almost ethereal for me. Downright terrifying for others.

Imagine, you are going on a road, very late night and everything is so quiet and at rest. There is very little light in the area. You see someone, on road side, sitting alone with a fork and knife in hands, dipping his pizza bite in a garlic mayo dip.

A few cars and bike riders drive by, staring at me, wondering what on earth befell on this guy.

Some delivery boys arrived too, keenly keeping their eyes fixed on me and looking away on my turn.

Looking at me, shop owner probably felt some guilt about not delivering.

"I didn't had my car either, otherwise I would have come myself"

"It's ok"

Food was all delicious.

After finishing, I start the stroll back home. It's good in a way to walk a bit before hitting bed.

Passed by the same guard on my way back. This time I greeted him and he didn't respond. I don't know why.

Last night (morning), I watched La La Land again. First time, when I started, I got bored and left in between. This time I was able to complete it.

That movie has outstanding art direction and cinematography. Walking back home, I was taking snapshots in my head of beautiful scenes that could be composed for their beauty and no other reason. Streets looked different.

I can tell it's a good movie because it's still in frontal cortex of my head after a day.

City of stars
Are you shining just for me?City of stars
There's so much that I can't see
Who knows?
Is this the start of something wonderful and new?
Or one more dream that I cannot make true?Probably latter.Talk later.