Heart is just a metaphor for activities of the brain that people didn't understand. Archaic literature is responsible for its bleeding into modern times.

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Just found this "-logue" which should be in dark web behind TOR but it's still openly lurking and very much Googleable.

It looks like some schizophrenic person was trying to ponder for 127th time the purpose of life and yet, once again, started a civil war in his head further messing up a deteriorating situation.

So, if you go through the discourse you can identify two characters.

Let's call one in italics as Mr.Pragmatic and the other one as Mr.Idealist.

You can easily spot the author's bias towards the Idealist since the Pragmatic is only given a support role to numb down the perfectionistic tendencies of the Idealist.

The discourse itself is an effort to consummate the so-called marriage of "heart"(idealist) and "mind"(pragmatic). Which is the reason it's going nowhere. Again, if it is driven by an Idealist it can't really end hence resulting in the recursive debate.

Let me introduce myself as a Pragmatic here and give some soul to the dead Mr. Pragmatic character.

Heart is just a metaphor for activities of brain that people didn't understand. Archaic literature is responsible for its bleeding into modern times.

How about first defining the role of "Heart"?

I am mindfully using the word brain here instead of mind. Let's not go there yet.

What you are trying to do Mr. Idealist is trying to make a loving and caring brain work together with a dead blood-pumping machine. That's not gonna happen... Just not possible!

Brain and/or mind is responsible for all thoughts (and feelings, if you categorize them separately) of love, progress, imagination and passion.

So, this entire "Marriage. Their mind and heart becoming one – consummating to conceive the unthinkable! A unison of two great forces resulting in an immaculate conception of a miracle! Viola!" Euphoric Voila moment of yours is blatantly superficial and mere escapist's route from reality.

What drives human progress is some sense of realization. It's different for everyone. It varies from person to person. Experiences shape people. Those who learn move progressively. Those who don't move regressively.

Let me tell you two different stories.

Story of a child of IQ 180 at age of 9. The kid broke IQ scale at the age of 11 so bad that humans couldn't find questions difficult enough for the kid i.e. kid crossed 200 IQ.

The child had developed reading habits since young age and immensely interested in astronomy, physics, mathematics and everything nerdy. He tended to accumulate encyclopedias of knowledge of world and facts. Read biographies of people to develop better understanding of life. After so much knowledge and understanding and sheer interest in astronomy kid chose to become a doctor.

His argument was "If you can't save your dying wife on the bed then what's purpose of studying distant stars and planets."

Another story of an intelligent, well-read kid. He was bullied badly in school and must have developed misanthropic characteristics. He tends to solitary confinement and eventually start proving anthropes wrong one at a time. Questions authorities and prove them wrong. Basically avenging against bullish behaviours of authoritative humans.

Now he wants to reach for distant planets and was divorced/broke up multiple times proving he has no interest in saving dying wives...

Two stories, similar personalities but different outcome based on their realization of the world.

Driving factor varies from person to person. Sometimes it's insecurities, sometimes it's over reaction to an experience. Could be post self actualization state, could be hunger, could be lust. Can be anything powerful enough to break a threshold beyond which a person goes into point of no return.

So, all these words like heart, mind, brain, passion, drive, ego is good glittery stuff but reality behind human progression is hardcore grass root level experiences of real life.

Let's come out of our poetic verbose minds and pay the bills for which we are born for...