A million-dollar routine

Disclaimer: It hasn't made me a million yet.

A million-dollar routine
Photo by Islam Hassan / Unsplash

Disclaimer: It hasn't made me a million yet.

Take a walk daily.

Walk at a pace that it is done by your subconscious. If you walk too fast, your conscious mind will be engaged. If you walk too slow, you don't optimise for the physical benefits.

Walk for half an hour to an hour daily. It is a time to declutter your brain.

Think about your day. What were the goods and the bads? What did you consume? Reflect over it.
Think about your tomorrow. How it should look like?
Think about the week. Are you getting any better?
Think about life. Your goals and your dreams. Are you still on track? Do you need to adjust?

It is time to converge your thoughts.

Do not put on music or podcast in your ears. Music, podcast, content, books. All of these create diverging thoughts. There is a time for these but the system needs time for converging too.

Put at least as much time converging your thoughts as you spend on diverging.

Reading and listening are diverging. Writing and speaking are converging. Think out loud if it works for you. Think out loud if it works for you.

Pick a time of the day so you don't skip. Walk and declutter. It's like journaling. Bring all your subconscious thoughts to consciousness and give them due attention. One at a time. Pick each thought, ponder over it, follow it to the end until there is nothing to think about it, put it in the correct compartment of your brain and move on. It works wonders. It is not as effective as writing but close.

It cures the overthinking mind. It is a cure for the types who find it hard to introspect. It's a good way to keep the slack in the system. It will improve the writing of a writer. The speech of a speaker.

You will be a happier person with this routine. Once it's a routine, you will miss it when you skip it. Like I do these days.